Nameserver not authoritative

Trying to set the nameserver on my registrar website, because the extension is dot IT (Italy) they’re telling me before I set the nameserver it goes through a check, and that and is non-authoritative so I can’t set them.

Is there a way around this?

The Italian Registry of Domains requires that all .it domains have nameservers that contain DNS records for the domain, but the nameservers are automatically configured when you add a domain into an account. That means, if iFastNet doesn’t add a method to add a domain by adding DNS records on free hosting, that you can’t add the domain to your account here on InfinityFree, and you should consider to host it elsewhere (for example on Premium Hosting, where with iFastNet you pay €3,55 ($3,99) per month with the Super Premium plan (cheaper than other providers do and with the best quality), and the nameservers are automatically configured to have DNS records for your domain).

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