Nameserver issues for other tlds domain except .com

I am facing problem while creating new Nameserver.
I have created and from whm {Basic WebHost manager setup → Nameservers}. It is working for .com domain only, while I hosted other tlds or ntlds domain (.net, .org, etc.), it never works. I need to use IP address in host-record (dns) instead of ‘custom nameserver’ for these extension of domains except .com .
Do I need to add more records in Host-record of my root domain I have used below records in DNS of :
A Record @
A Record server1
TXT Record _dmarc …
TXT Record default._domaink …
TXT Record server1 …
TXT Record server1 …

I have some spamming issue for email too in this host. I have well managed DKIM, SPF and Reverse IP but not solved spamming issues while sent email from my server (webmail) to gmail/hotmail/yahoo/others. If anyone give me strong recommendation, will be happy more.

I’m sorry, but why are you asking this here? InfinityFree doesn’t have WHM, doesn’t support custom nameservers, and that IP address isn’t related to our services.

Shouldn’t you actual hosting provider be able to help you with this?

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Please contact your reseller hosting provider. Infinityfree doesn’t provide reseller hosting!

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