Nameserver error

Hi all
I just created my new domain at RegistroBR (Domain Registrer for Brazil).

I have the same problem from others topics that I read on this forum:

  • infinityfree asks to firstly point the nameservers (ns1.epizy…ns2…) before configuring the domain.
  • RegistroBR asks to firstly create the domain in the infinityfree before pointing to it. :: error = “search refused -

I’ve read all topics on this forum related to this and I haven’t found a step by step on how to really work around this problem.

Please, help me


You must have missed this one:

Because its not possible to work around it. You can’t host .br domains here due to restrictions by the registry.


Is there a way to configure “stationary domain” using cpanel?

Not sure what that means, and Google just brings up the mathematical concept. What are you referring to?

There is no way to host .br domains here. In order to add a domain to the control panel, you have to set the nameservers.

I thing that It is like “Linked site”
example : My_BrDomain =>

A parked domain?

You still have to add your domain to your account to do that, something you can’t do with a .br domain


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