Nameserver can't be added a second time!

I can’t understand what’s the problem !!!
I was able to change the nameservers through my godaddy account easily and get the domain hosted, then I removed the domain from here so that I can add an A records for a web builder site to function from my godaddy account

Now when I try to switch the nameserver back to infinityfree, it says they can’t be added and that I have to configure them, I tried the epizy and byet nameservers but won’t get added
what to do now ???

You could transfer the domain to another domain registrar that doesn’t require the DNS records to be added before the nameservers can function, like for example, Porkbun and NameCheap.

Who exactly says the nameservers cannot be added? Your domain registrar GoDaddy?

If so, you could try to contact them and ask them why it doesn’t work. They are refusing to let you change the nameservers of your domain, we don’t have any control over that.

But judging by other reports, it sounds like the issue might be similar to this one:

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