Namecheap says is not registered

Namecheap is not allowing me to update nameservers to ns1.infinityfree com and ns2.infinityfree com

I have changed them to ns1.epizy com and ns2.epizy com

but still I am getting error while account creation here at infiinityfree saying domain not pointing to and

please help

What is the domain?

Please read

are ns1.epizy and ns1. infinityfree different. As Name cheapsupport is saying ns1.infinityfree is not registered thats why it showing error to add these in namecheap. but I have successfully added. epizy one. thanks for help

Through dig, I can see the new InfinityFree’s nameservers are pointing to the usual nameserver IPs as Epizy or Byet’s ones. But I need to ask something: are there no glue records for those nameservers? Because if that’s so that’s why Namecheap won’t accept the change. Guess I’ll need to check using a spare domain I have…

EDIT: I sent a request to for a new domain (as I don’t have a spare domain) and seems like the change gets accepted… So there are glue records. Maybe it’s on Namecheap’s side, since those nameservers have added since yesterday? If that’s so you’ll have to wait a while until Namecheap recognises the DNS record change for the new nameservers. Anyway those two nameservers (Epizy ones and InfinityFree’s new ones) are no different from each other.

EDIT 2: Seems like also GoDaddy is having the same issue as Namecheap though…

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this is showing

and this while account creation

Facing the same problem with godaddy too

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i have found a solution
use these

and add on domain in control panel

it shows this

still facing the same issue, maybe i have to register this servername but for that I would need IP address, and I don’t know from where I can get it

During account creation, the domain must use nameservers, nameservers are not accepted.

You may be able to pass the checks by using and instead.

Right, I forgot to set those up. The nameserver registrations have just been submitted.

There weren’t, and there shouldn’t have to be.

I was convinced those weren’t necessary in the first place. I know you need them if you want to delegate the domain to nameservers with the same name (e.g. pointing to ns1/, but other domains shouldn’t technically need them. But devices can find where is hosted through the DNS lookup chain directly.


OK. From this, I learned that there is no need to use glue records for nameservers, but they need to be registered instead so that most domain registrars will accept the change, if I understood it right.


Either it’s the registrar or it’s Verisign demanding this for .com domains only. But other than that, I think you’re right.


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