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My question is simple. How can I connect InfinityFree with NameCheap?

I have a domain and I want to connect it to InfinityFree, but I want to use NameCheap BasicDNS

How can I do it?

I also use this domain for my minecraft server

There might be a way of setting up some port rules on NameCheap to send http/https traffic to your infinityfree website and minecraft traffic to your minecraft server from the same domain name, honestly i’ve never used NameCheap and im unfamiliar with the options they provide

In theory it should be possible, Its an interesting problem

I guess you could try forwarding http/https trafic from your minecraft server to your infinityfree website, that might work too

just an idea

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found this online it should do the job depending if your BasicDNS account allows it

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Try to setup NS record pointing your domain to and

IF is meant for web hosting. Some ports may be blocked

This may violate TOS



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