Name servers

what is the nameservers?

My domain support says: your nameservers are not propagating.

My DNS is adjusted to:

Please fill out the template it you want assistance. What is your domain name?


Your domain is connected, and is working fine, you don’t have any nameserver errors.

The only error I see is an SSL error. It looks like you are trying to force HTTPS, but you dont have an SSL certificate.


Yes I changed them, but I cannot change https to http again.

Also, I got the certificate from website and I follow up all the steps such as CSR, Privet key etc, and I got the problem in my control panel infinityfree says: The certificate can not be blankThe certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name ( was seen). I contacted and they say your name servers that you provided are not progagating. I cannot even make CNAME in the control panel. Please help me. I have been strugeling for a day!

If you buy an SSL certificate, nothing needs to be done with nameservers, so I am confused.

Your certificate provider should have provided a private key, and a certificate key, both of which can be uploaded in the client area.

Or, you get just get a free certificate from the client area.


Exactly, I told them the same. I uploaded the certificate they provided and it does not work. They say the your DNS servers does not propagating. Now I am uisng your Free SSL certificat and it works very well. Thank you so much for your great support and awsome website and hosting.

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