Name Servers Question with Cloudflare

I have a question about Name Servers and Cloudflare

  1. I have updated my Name Servers within vPanel to
    those required in he Addon Domains area:
    A. ns1. epizy .com
    B. ns2. epizy .com

  2. I’ve altered CloudFlare in the CloudFlare Manager
    and logged into CloudFlare after it generated a new account
    sent over email.

I’ve read over documentation to show different Name Servers
than listed in vPanel, as required.

Name Servers you have listed in community forum replies:
ns1 .byet .org
ns2 .byet .org
ns3 .byet .org
ns4 .byet .org
ns5 .byet .org

I’ve seen Error 1016 show up when visiting my test
Domain Name ( I’ve also seen the infamous
ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS issue. I currently only have
a vanilla PrestaShop installation on that account.

Is the byte Name Servers required or the epizy ones
the Name Servers I should choose, and having the
Domain Name Addon, and default CloudFlare Enabled,
I am confused as to what I could be doing wrong
that is causing these issues. I have changed 0% of
settings in CloudFlare that was generated over email
after Enable of CloudFlare in vPanel. I’m using
Google Chrome and pressed CTRL+F5 to view.

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Like what I know, InfinityFree is based on Byet, so there’s no problem with the nameservers
check the .htaccess if there are any errors (in your\htdocs folder)

My Domain Name is pointed to the recommended in vPanel the following Name Servers:
Name Server: NS1. EPIZY .COM
Name Server: NS2. EPIZY .COM

This was according to the following message in Addon Domains:
Note: You must set your domains name servers to the following before adding the domain to this system:

Should I have the Name Servers as the ones recommended on the forum?:
ns1 .byet .org
ns2 .byet .org
ns3 .byet .org
ns4 .byet .org
ns5 .byet .org

I’m now getting the following error:

I’ve deleted .HTACCESS to see if that would help.

I have again the default CloudFlare Manager enabled, have not modifed
anything at the system generated CloudFlare account. I have a vanillia
test installation of PrestaShop installed from Softalicous.

I’m really not sure what else to do other than changing Name Servers.
Please help if you get the time.

Yes, yes you can.
If you’re still worrying about it then try to add ALL of them(epizy and byethost)
But I think your ns are ok, though :wink:

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Cloudflare Flexible SSL is known to cause redirect issues. I don’t know exactly how to fix that, but you can probably find more information on how to make Prestashop work with that.

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