Name servers and domain parking

Hi, I did send domain providers to changed server names to but when I go to Cpanel and enter an account setting, in the section your domain - parked domains (or any other option) on account there is no my domain only When I want to add domain name this message aspires:

Error adding domain
This is due to already adding the domain to this or the other account… and etc.

My question is is there anything more that I can do, or are there some more adjustments needed to be done?

You need the domain to be registered, if hasn’t been already created.
Next, you must set the nameservers which you already have. Wait 72 hours or a bit more, then try adding it.

Welcome @basicmagazin, I clicked on the URL and went to your site, it appears to be up :slightly_smiling_face: I didn’t do anything else, just went to the site.

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It is registered, it passed 4 days how and still I have and not just on Cpanel and not able to to add my domain, but when I go to SSL certificates and click on refresh DNS status it said:

The name servers of the domain returned an error.

I did check with domain providers, they said that everything it’s ok.
I can check it again.

I was just able to add the domain to your account as an addon domain. I don’t know what kind of issues you experienced exactly before, but everything seems fine now.

Please do note that the domain administration for hosting accounts and our SSL Certificates tool is completely separate. You can add or remove domain names through one of those systems but not to the other one. So if you want to host a domain here with SSL, you’ll need to add it to a hosting account and add it to the SSL domains.


Thank you for replaying and helping. I just wanted to check if I was doing everything right. I will try to upload now! :grinning: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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