Name Server / DNS / Office 365 integration

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I registered my domain with IONOS.
I created a hosting with Inifinity (I want to host my website here).
My business application are in Office 365 (Exchange, Web Services, etc.), which I want to integrate with Infinity.

  • In IONOS, my Nameservers to point to Infinity ( &
  • In Infinity, i uploaded my website.
  • In Infinity, (as per Microsoft’s suggestion) I added the CNAME, MX and SPF records - so I can use Exchange


  • Office 365 does not recognize my records in Infinity, hence, does want to set up my Exchange
  • Office 365 asks me to change the nameserver records to
    (doing so would enable me to use Exchange, but traffic to my website would not route to Infinity)

Please suggest how to proceed.

Since you did not provide detailed info, I can only refer you to this thread

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Judging by your message, you seem to have done everything correctly. I also took a quick look at your domain’s currently DNS records, and at least the MX and SPF records are set and applied correctly, so that’s all good too. I don’t know what CNAME records Office 365 needs to work.

When did you change these records exactly? DNS changes can take a few hours to take effect and be visible everywhere. So if Microsoft says the records are wrong now, if you check them again in a few hours they may show as correct then.


Thanks for the support.
Allowed 24h to pass by, and it seems that everything was and still is working :smile:
Although, not everything is green in my Office 365, as Microsoft still requires the nameserver records be changed and point to :thinking:

I’m pretty sure that they don’t “require” you to change your nameservers. Yes, the DNS management functionality of Office 365 won’t work unless you do, but the majority of Office 365 users will likely want to use different nameservers for various reasons.

When you say, it’s “not green” what is it then? If it’s red, it’s probably bad. But if it’s yellow, it could just be OK.


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