Name Server ADD

Is it possible to add a name server by DNS management when there is no NS option in the categories?

No. You need to change the NS with your domain registrar. It may be separate from other DNS records. After your account is set up, you can set the NS records back, and use an A record instead. You must use an NS record to set up the account for the first time.


Como ficaria a configuração deste registro A para os Name Servers e, como eu devo colocar no meu dns manager? poderia me dizer o formato? Obrigado!

The only A record you need is the one listed in the Client Area like so:
(That is the IP mine is on)

There are no AAAA records.

In the future, please type in English, as this is an English-speaking forum.


It worked, thank you very much! saved my life! No problem, I’ll always type in English, sorry…


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