-Tengo un problema al enviar datos a phpmyadmin. Tengo una variable conexion, que me conecta alli y una comprovación.

$conexion = mysqli_connect(“”, “epiz_29548276”, “pass”, “epiz_29548276_pagina3”);

echo’ Conectado exitosamente’;
echo’ No se ha podido conectar’;

-La respuesta és que si se conecta, pero el problema és que no se guardan los datos que envío. Como por ejemplo:

$guardar = “INSERT INTO usuarios (usuario, correo_electrónico, contraseña, fecha, codigo) VALUES (‘$nombre_usuario’, ‘$correo_electrónico’, ‘$contraseña’, ‘$fecha’, ‘$codigo’)”;

Me gustaría saber porque no se guardan los datos que intento enviar. Gracias

-I have a problem sending data to phpmyadmin. I have a connection variable, which connects me there and a verification.

-The answer is that it does connect, but the problem is that the data I send is not saved. For example:

I would like to know why the data I am trying to send is not saved. Thanks

In the future, please use English. Please make sure the password you are using is the one for MySQL, as it is separate from your account password. Additionally, an exact error message would be helpful.

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For starters, do you have an error message from executing the query itself? If so, can you share that?

And if not, could you please make sure you have code that checks for query error? So it checks the output of mysqli_execute or mysqli_query and uses mysqli_error to see what went wrong in case something does?

If if you do have that code but still don’t see errors, could you please share the piece of the code where you’re actually executing the query and checking the output?

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