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We use MySQL, which is a relational database engine. That means you can add JOINs to your database queries to link results across multiple tables.

That said, InfinityFree only supports the MyISAM storage engine, not InnoDB, so it’s not possible to create foreign key indices on your tables to enforce the relationship in the database itself. InnoDB (and, by extension, foreign key support) is only available on premium hosting.

what are you trying to say?

lol heck sorry I didn’t realise I had an incomplete question and it actually got posted by mistake. What I meant to say is that how can we create a relationship in mysql on the free version. I am trying to join my index key from one table to primary key from another table but it is not connecting

Like you said, we only support MyISAM here, not InnoDB, which means you cannot setup foreign key constraints in the database.

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