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Error Message:

All the info seems to be correct

*Also, I have tested it on multiple plugins and it doesn’t work.

Hello there,

Remote MySQL is not supported here therefore you cannot connect to your MySQL database from an external source.

Also please take note that InfinityFree is a web hosting provider and definitely not a game hosting provider, the MySQL databases here are only for websites and not for gaming servers.


That’s very unfortunate… Not sure what I am going to do now but thank you!

You can do statistics on your website. You can also make a forum, support page for your Minecraft

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You can do like Server statistics (online right now), applying as a staff, ban appeal,forum, contact page & more!

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Yeah I have actually done that. My bans/mutes/warns/kicks are all tracked via website, and my creative plots can be uploaded/tracked via website. I meant more for my mysql, but thank you! We have (hopefully) found a solution to mysql.

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I have done that and I love it! I meant for MySQL but we have hopefully found another way. Thank you!

I wish you luck with your Minecraft Server @DukeOfDerp77! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good luck sensei!

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