mySQL/MariaDB version low any FIX?

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moodle installer fails to install because of mow version of maria db

Error Message

version 10.2.29 is required and you are running

Other Information

is there any fix for this??? is its just this low??? PHP is okay but mysql is rather low…
if none, ill just deactivate , thank you

Use softaculous to install Moodle. It will work.

Moodle is no longer supported on free hosting


it works, using softaculous. I just tried.

thanks for all the info, im trying to install now , but this is the error i get

did you not have error on installing moodle?

First remove all the files from your htdocs folder of your site then use softaculous to install


We currently run MySQL 5.6, which is indeed to low for the latest version of Moodle, which requires MySQL 5.7. Unfortunately, that’s not something you can fix yourself.


thank you for the response…atleast now i know the sql version… Ive already decided to just install a lower version of moodle ,


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