MySQL - Lack of InnoDB engine

Just curious…

Is there any reason, besides forcing us to upgrade to premium, for iFastNet free hosting to not support MySQL’s InnoDB engine?

InnoDB historically has had a much higher memory footprint than MyISAM. I’ve been told memory usage is about 60% higher with InnoDB. And on a free hosting environment where you need to pack as many accounts on a server as you can, that’s a lot.

This was one of the reasons on iFastNet’s platform and on the platform we used before them, operated by a company now called Hostinger.

According to iFastNet, crash recovery tools with MyISAM are also better. But I’ve also been told that MyISAM is a lot more likely to crash in the first place, so I’m not sure how much merit there is to that argument.

iFastNet will move free hosting to InnoDB at some point too, but they do not consider it urgent.


As always, thanks for the straight to point answer. :+1:
Let’s hope that happens.

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