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I dont see any error message, ive transfered the php files over from xampp to here. I’ve set up the database and i can retrieve data from the database but cant write data(using pdo prepare etc) I know the code is fine, has i used it on xampp(of course i changed the DB connection info lol)

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URL? Specific page that is not working?

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We all want to help you, but “I can’t write data to the database, but it works fine on my machine” doesn’t give us a lot to go on.

Here is some information that could help:

  • Can you share example code?
  • Do you check whether the query executes successfully (many snippets we see here don’t check the results of the query/execute function or don’t retrieve the error)?
  • What is the error generated by the query?
  • Have you tried executing the same query in phpMyAdmin? Does that work?
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