MySQL Host Name is Offline/Down

It have been 24 hour i try to setup my site and MySQL is still down. any alternative admin?

Down Host:

Hello, you would most likely get a better response if you send a Support Ticket to InfinityFree.

@IIIIII I’m fairly certain we would have noticed if a database server is down for a day. What do you see that makes you conclude the database server is down? What are you trying to do? What errors do you get?

@Officialgking We don’t provide ticket support for InfinityFree. If you send an email, you’ll typically be pointed to the forum again.

@Admin This happen when i trying to install CMS scripts and it said “The server at is taking too long to respond.” " The database could not be created, please verify your settings." I have verify my database multiple time still getting the same notice.

How are you trying to install the CMS? Using Softaculous, using an integrated installer from the website on your account or from an external installer?

If you’re trying to install the website with an integrated installer, you need to create the database through your control panel first and set the database name in the setup wizard. Creating the database from the script is not supported.

Using external installers is also not going to work, because remote access is blocked on our database servers.