MySQL DB connection refused

My Website link is:

The script I’m using: Code Canyon’s MTDB video streaming script

the error i’m seeing is:SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused (SQL: select * from information_schema.tables where table_schema = forge and table_name = migrations)

Please help me or just tell me that is it solvable or not otherwise i have to drop this project ?

Relevant Info:

  • I have tried everything from deleting and recreating the database, deleting the script files and reuploading them, tried every DB host i thought of like infinityfree’s sql302.epizycom,, etc.

  • I also read this : Infinityfree support(Common MYSQL connection errors)

  • I have also wait for almost a day and then tried again but failed…

What did you put as the DB hostname? On other hosts it’s normally local host, however on InfinityFree and other MOFH powered hosts you can find it in cPanel or the client area.

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I put in the DB hostname.

Video streaming scripts are not allowed in this and other MOFH hosts.


Oh yeah, forgot about that.

Those look like default Laravel settings, which are not the right settings to use for your hosting account.

Please make sure that you’ve provided the settings in the right place and that they are actually being used in the script code.

But like others have said, we don’t allow video streaming scripts.


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