MySQL databases not showing in control panel

I installed wordpress using softaculous app installer, and the database doesn’t show in the control panel.

What SQL server are you on? There might be a minor SQL outage.

i have 2 accounts on 2 different SQL servers, I think all of the SQL servers are under an outage.

For instance

This is on

and this is on

Hmm, looks like an SQL outage. Let’s hope it comes back online soon.


Looks to be all working for me. And unless I’m mistaken, WP shows an error if it cannot connect to the database, so I don’t think assaying that the databases were down is the answer.


The databases work fine, the problem is that they are not showing in the control panel

I’m not sure what you are talking about. Both databases in the screenshot are clearly visible in the control panel to me:


I guess there is just a delay, they were not showing at first, but are now.

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