MySQL databases aren't showing up in cPanel

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: cPanel tells me that I have 2/200 databases, but they’re not showing up in current databases.

EDIT (1): it’s now showing that I have 2/400 databases

EDIT (2): It’s working now. But PHPMyAdmin doesn’t load, it returns the error redirected you too many times.

EDIT (3): It’s working now, but I can’t show tables content!

EDIT (4): The error is showing up again, redirected you too many times.

EDIT (5): The databases has stopped showing up in cPanel again.

EDIT (6): Now the website can’t connect to the database.

I assume there’s a glitch inside server.

I get connection refused error when i visit my site.


I just checked mine, it came right up with no problem.

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IIRC this can happen if your database permissions are messed up. Resetting the password of your hosting account usually thumps the permissions enough to fix any issues.

In any case, I see the databases in your account and can access them through phpMyAdmin.


I tried to manage databases on accounts i’ve when he reported it, and i was seeing similar thing well. I don’t think that password permission issue happen to most the databases at same time.


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