MYSQL Database

Hello! I’m new to InfinityFree and MYSQL, and i was wondering how do i connect databases?

(if you can’t read the full post click on the blue link)

I also suggest to use my connection code (created with PHP and the mysqli library):

    define('DBHOST', '');
    define('DBUSER', 'epiz_12345678');
    define('DBPASS', '********');
    define('DBNAME', 'epiz_12345678_mydb');

    $conn = mysqli_connect(DBHOST, DBUSER, DBPASS, DBNAME);
          echo "Connection failed: ".mysqli_connect_error();
    } else {
          return $conn;

replacing with the database host you found on the last steps of the post I linked, epiz_12345678 with your hosting account username, ******** with your hosting account password (if you can’t remember it reset it) and epiz_12345678_mydb with the database name (formed in the mode username_dbname) and saving it on a file named “connection.php” or “config.php”.

Where can i find my password i need?

You can find your hosting account password by logging into your Client Area, selecting the hosting account you want to edit / see credentials, scrolling down to “Account Details” and clicking “Show/Hide” to show the password.

I suggest you use this tutorial to make the login/registration system that is also secure, starting from the step 3.

Don’t do step 2! I said to do from step 3, which is titled:

Step 3: Creating the Registration Form

! Also, do step 1. On those codes, after doing that, replace $link with $conn.

well. i’ve used this before. Are you sure your table rows are correct? since if not. Something went wrong. it’ll say: Please try again later…

hidden again :roll_eyes:

to see what’s the error on signup, paste this on line 83 on register.php:

echo "Something went wrong.". $link->error;

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