MYSQL Database size, Video

is there any limit on MYSQL database size allocated for free account ?

I am making a short video sharing site. my site is below:

I cant upload videos having size greater than 10 MB. Why ?
I dont know where php.ini file resides.

And after i open site, 5MB video takes more than 1 hour to load.(though 5MB photo loads within 30secs ).

Does premium account solve this problem ???

Thanks all of you in advance.

This is the max file size limit. If you need more, upgrade to premium hosting.

Premium hosting is faster than free hosting


No, there is no limit to database size. We only limit database server CPU usage, which larger databases tend to generate more of.

We do not allow video sharing sites to be hosted here. File and video sharing sites use way more storage space and bandwidth than we can realistically offer with any web hosting service.

Our hosting is not well optimized to serve large files. So a minute is conceivable, but an hour seems unlikely.


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