MySQL Database Missing

Username: epiz_31541231
SQL Server:


I rebuilt my WP site due to an automatic upgrade that didn’t go well. Basically deleted all the files and the MqSQL database amd started from scratch using the Softaculous installer.

New install went well and website is online again. I’m now trying to backup the files and database but the database is missing. On the Statistics/MySQL/phpMyAdmin pages, its says the following:

MySQL Databases: 0 / Unlimited
Currently using 0 of 400 available databases.
No Databases on this account

Can you advise how I can get the database visible again in control panel so I can back it up?


This may be due to an outage. Patience


There appears to be an issue with our Softaculous integration that it doesn’t appear to setup the database correctly in a way you can also view it in the control panel.

There is a workaround for this though.

In the installation details of the software (visible either in the configuration file of the software or in the installation details in Softaculous), you can find the database name. It should look like epiz_12345678_abcd.

Then, go to the MySQL Databases section in the control panel, and create a new database with the same name as is used by your script (so in this example, enter abcd in the field). Don’t worry: it won’t delete the existing database and it won’t break access from your website.

When you did this, your website will still work, and you can manage the database through phpMyAdmin!


Good news. Database came back on its own in control panel so I didn’t have to get the details from Softaculous to add it back manually.

Speaking of Softaculous, I notice there’s a backup function with an option of “Default” or “Local Folder”.
I can see where “Local Folder” goes to but where does “Default” go to?

Any difference between using Softaculous backup option and manually backing up the database and files?




I believe Softaculous is more convenient

Manual backups are the recommended way. I’ve never used Softaculous’ backup system myself so I don’t know how well it actually works.

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