MySQL database getting import error

Username epiz_32981627

Hello Infinity Community,

I am uploading my website but in MySQL database getting import error: " #1142 - TRIGGER command denied to user ‘epiz_32981627’@‘’ for table 'wp_comments " The table wp_comments is the issue this table is not necessary so I can skip or whatever the solution for import rest of database. Thanks

Trigger command is not allowed on free hosting.
Normal import would use the insert statement


The wp_comments is a necessary table of WordPress, but WordPress is built for broad compatibility and doesn’t use advanced database features such as MySQL triggers.

I’m curious as to what this trigger actually does (the top result I found related to this uses MySQL triggers for a security backdoor, which would be very bad news). But I’m pretty sure you don’t need it.

If the TRIGGER statement is blocking the restoration of the backup, the easiest way to get a backup without triggers is to go back to the previous server and generate a new backup without triggers (phpMyAdmin has a checkbox for that). Alternatively, if you have some knowledge of SQL, you can edit the export file yourself to remove the TRIGGER commands yourself.


The old server is off now I have only backup remain in hard drive. I just want to skip wp_comments table from uploading.

You can make a copy of the SQL backup file, and edit it to remove the TRIGGER command


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