MyOwnFreeHost advertises that you can basically do your own Infinity Free at a cost of a domain name only.

I do believe that hosting services like Hyper PHP, ByetHost and FreeHost uses the same VPanel, same limits. The only difference I can see is the popularity, ratings and naming.

Does Infinity Free is created on MyOwnFreeHost? at it exists 14 years ago, according to the main page.

I was surprised that IfastNet have their own free reseller service. But on all of them, Infinity Free is the one that I like because of always updated website, dashboard mobile usability and popularity.

Additional: I did not create any test accounts to the mentioned services I just researched and watched videos on them. Basically, MyOwnFreeHost is a waste of time if you will just host a single website and also you will get the same limits as Infinity Free (According to a video I watched).

myownfreehost is owned by iFastNet, not InfinityFree. InfinityFree is one of the many users of the service, and it is currently the best.


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