redirect malware on any site

I tried to upload my site and now when I trying to get in it redirect me to I thought is something in my mac but after 5 different malware checks I don’t think the problem inside the computer. Also ant other site that ends with get me the same result. ( ,,, they’re all redirect me to the same site.) the funny part is that happening on any device im on ( my phone or other computer) it keeps happened .

For starters, the domain name does not seem to be pointing to our hosting and it is not attached to any account. I could also not find any of those subdomains on any other account owned by you.

So if you can’t see any website on those domains, the first step would be to point the domain name to us and add it to an account.

those sub domains were examples for domains I tried to enter to see where it direct me. I have domain called (you can confirm it) and it also redirect me to the site ‘’ it seems like an adware that I can’t point where it came from. Yoc can read about this adwawre here note that I only redirect to it from any domain and this is why I writing it here.

I checked, but no account exists for it. Can you tell me the username of the account instead?

Also, the article you’re referring to refers to adware being installed on your computer. Have you run a good malware scanner (like MalwareBytes) on your computer to verify it’s not caused by something on your end?

sure epiz_21525329 is the username.
and I run all malware scanners I can find and Malwarebytes was my first one. No malware on my end. The interesting part is I tried to enter my site from couple of other devices like my phone and other pc and it was the same result. Than I thought maybe it’s some extension linked to my google or chrome browser account but I tried on devices that isn’t share any of those account and the result is the same. I tried it from other network to see if maybe it’s on my network and the result were the same. I really don’t know what else to do.

please check this screen record to see what’s going on (note this is my iphone)

here is another example but now from my laptop

I have checked your account epiz_21525329, but it has only one domain name attached to it:

The domain name you’ve entered in the video is not attached to any account, which means it will be redirected to a domain parking service. It’s possible that the food pages are served through the domain parking service.

Can you please login to your control panel and add the subdomain to your account again?

Im not sure I understand what to do. And it’s odd as I can’t see the domain you mentioned in my accounts see screenshot:

@obiwankenoobi said:
Im not sure I understand what to do. And it’s odd as I can’t see the domain you mentioned in my accounts see screenshot:

That’s the label of your account, it’s a freely configurable piece of text to help you identify the various accounts. It’s not indicative of any domain names on the account.

Check the Addon Domains, Parked Domains and Subdomains sections in the control panel to see which domains are attached to your account.