mydomain is already assigned and in use.3 | why my domain forced to stay here!!!

i’m trying to move to another hosting service and seems like your hosting servers taking over my website in a forcing way , there is no option to delete my website there , why i have to disactivate my account and wait 90 days to get removed , so 90 days without using my domain means giving up on it
also i cant delete my profile it shows : You still have hosting accounts attached to your profile. Please close any active hosting accounts and wait for at least 90 days for the accounts to be deleted.
i’m waiting for a clear answer please , i want to delete everything immediatly
and not waiting for a 90 days, i never heard about such kind of options anywhere in the web , please help

Did you read the text above the deactivate account button?

Domains currently on the account will be redirected to a parking page and cannot be used again!

This is exactly what you’re describing here.

To fix it: reactivate your account, delete the domain names from them, then deactivate the account again. You can then use the domain name on another account immediately.