MYD MYI export MySQL phpmyadmin

There is a 6 GB SQL including MYD and MYI, how can I transfer it to the database? , accepts infinity free SQL extension , can someone help ?

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You do not have permission to access /var/lib/mysql/ (you are not a server admin)
so you can’t upload myd, myi, etc. there

But you can convert the files to a .sql

Screenshot 2023-02-27 112018

Uploading large backups


MYD and MYI files are raw MySQL table files. On their own, you can’t do much with them. phpMyAdmin definitely can’t do anything with them. As part of the entire MySQL data directory, you can restore an entire server. But no hosting provider, or any other provider that manages the MySQL server for you, will let you touch the MySQL data directory.

Also, 6 GB is a pretty big database. We don’t have a hard cap on the size of a database here, but I think you’ll run into trouble with a database that big.


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