MyBB Site Broken And Error Message When Attempting To Set Up MyBB

404! We couldn’t find that page.

Hey, so I installed MyBB from Softaculous earlier and it worked great until I tried to make an announcement on my forum in MyBB. Then it stopped loading and when I refreshed it showed the error message “404! We couldn’t find that page.”. I have tried many things in order to fix this, most notably reinstalling MyBB altogether and deleting all files in the file manager. But, it still shows the error message when I try to access the site, whether I use incognito mode or not (a common suggestion on this forum for solving errors like this one). MyBB shows as having been successfully installed as well, according to Softaculous and all of the new MyBB files appear in the file manager.

P.S, my site is, and now it adds “?i=1” to the end of the site name.

UPDATE: This issue is now fixed, and I’m not currently in need of further assistance