My zip folder is not being unzipped. What is the reason for this?

My zip folder is not being unzipped. What is the reason for this?
I tried several times but can’t extract it.

Can you please fill in the topic template? It’s there to help you provide enough information, and I really need more details to help you.

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And for this issue specifically: how are you trying to extract this file? Which software do you use and which steps do you take?


I tried to upload it at htdocs folder and I am successfully uploaded.
But when I am going to extract it , Its not extracting.

Is the folder/zip archive larger than 10mb, as this may explain below;

Also please provide information like status/error codes, and where exactly are you trying to upload, like the wherabouts (e.g /htdocs/)


I see no reason it would fail, However MonstaFTP online interface Has proven to be very tempremental when unzipping, please can you extract the files locally (On you PC) and upload them one by one

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My file size was only 9 mb.

Was that a single file or the ZIP? Also please follow my instructions and manually extract and zip file on you computer

Even if the file is only 9 MB, extracting hundreds or thousands of files with a web based FTP client is not going to work. You have to know that FTP does not have a way to extract archives “on the server”. So the file manager needs to download the archive, extract it locally, and upload the files one by one.

A PHP script simply can do that well. That’s why you cannot use a file manager for this, and you should download the file to your own computer, extract it on your own computer and use a desktop FTP client to upload the extracted files.


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