My working website is suspended yesterday

Rafay (

My working website has suspended yesterday without any reason the domain is and I want to recover its data bcz its very important for me.

Check your client area for a reason.

okay plz check

You should check, we don’t have access to your account to check.

I have checked

What does the client area say? Send a screenshot perhaps?

Sorry, but your website is gone forever, no way to recover. You should have paid more attention to the emails you were sent as a warning to backup, etc.

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I didn’t receive any email

I can send you screenshots of email

Sorry, but your website cannot be recoevered anymore. It was you who deactivated the account, not a suspension. So it’s the work of yours.

Won’t help me, read my above comments.

but plz tell me what is the reason

Reason: You deactivated your account.

It was deleted. Maybe for inactivity, maybe for a suspension. Without having access to the backend logs, the only way to find out is for you to check your email.

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i didn’t do anything

Well you did, which is what the client area says.

I told you i didn’t receive any email

Sound odd, but still, no way to get your files back. Your files have been deleted forever. Sorry.

That could also mean that the account was inactive, not just that they deactivated it.


Which also means that emails were ignored, no one knows.