My WordPress is broken

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: Website Techincal Error

I’m using this software: WordPress

Additional information: I tried to install WoCommerce plugin. I tried re/installing WordPress (still broken).

For me it works. You may install plugins via FTP if they don’t install; the instructions can be found here.

I installed it but plugins can not activate

Try cleaning cookies and cache, either by using “Empty Cache & Hard Reload” or reloading the page by pressing Ctrl and F5 contemporarily.

It is not because of my browser but wordpress

Remove the .maintenance file (if there is) on your htdocs folder with a browser file manager or a FTP client.

Il try

There is no file

I have the same problem as: Error install plugins on wordpress - #3 by shourya

For me it’s not broken; maybe try to remove the cache on your browser.

I am a web developer not a computer engineer. How to remove cache from a browser

Click here if you’re using Chrome.

it is still deleting

Don’t use WordPress for uploading the plugins via FTP next time; use a FTP client after extracting the ZIP file on the desktop to upload the plugin’s folder on htdocs/wp-content/plugins/.

Ok, I get the zip on the wordpress web store on right?

Yes; just go on the “Plugins” page, search for “woocommerce”, click on it and then click on “Download”.

DO I do that for all plugin or just this one?

You can even install the plugins of your choice with it, by replacing “woocommerce” as search keyword with the name of the plugin of your choice.


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