My websites redirect to localhost?

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Error Message

There is no error message, only thing that happens is that the root of my local server is shown.

Other Information

I’ve tried entering the website both from my computer and phone. On my computer, when my local XAMPP server is on, i see the root of my local htdocs folder. When I try to enter from my phone, it just says “connection refused” as I don’t have any local server in it. I tried disabling my local server, and I get the same “connection refused” page as the one in my phone.
My websites were working just fine, the accounts are intact, and the files are there, so I don’t really know what’s going on. I haven’t received any e-mail from InfinityFree regarding any of this, so that’s why I’m making this post.
I also checked my .htdocs files, and there’s nothing wrong in them, just a simple rewrite rule I wrote to redirect from http to https.
I’d appreciate any help!

Update on this, I pinged both links from cmd and got the ip “” which seems to be some sort of localhost ip?? No idea if this helps

Both are working for me





You probably configured your xampp to use the domain in the name instead of localhost
and then when you write your domain in the browser, it is resolved (on your local PC) to the xampp server.
So check on your PC… the config ( ServerName, etc ) and host file - in essence, something opposite of this:


I haven’t ever configured it that way, but it could be that, I’ll try to look into it asap! Thank you.

For some reason I can’t send this message so I’m attaching a screenshot of it.



Both domains redirect to for me, and it seems to work fine.

There may just be something weird going on with your next work and XAMPP. Ty connecting over a VPN, or following the links that Oxy shared.



if I were you I would try this order

win terminal run this command and test
ipconfig /flushdns

if that doesn’t work, try adding www. (in front of those addresses of yours) although you probably won’t notice “www” because of the redirection you have here on the server to naked. But also try to resolve that www address and see which IP you will get.

if that doesn’t apply either

try another browser
uninstall xampp and install again (make a backup if you have something important)
with the help of a smart uninstaller that will erase all traces.
it is strange that it reports


It seems unlikely to me that XAMPP is causing this, it seems to be a network configuration issue somewhere on your end. You can use any domain name in the XAMPP configuration, but it won’t matter because nobody is going there in the first place.

Hosts file overrides would be the first thing I would say, but seeing how it also affects your phone, it has to be on your network, not on your PC.

Do you have any custom DNS configuration on your network? Like a Pi-hole or other custom resolver that lets you reroute traffic through DNS? Or maybe an overeager security filtering service that tries to “protect” you from “dangerous sites”?

You could try to use a different DNS resolver on your devices, like Cloudflare DNS? Cloudflare provides apps for that, but recent Android versions can do it with the Private DNS settings, and on Windows you can configure DNS on the system as well.


It might be a network configuration issue, I’ll have to look into that.
There’s no custom DNS settings as far as I know, since both sites were working, and all of a sudden they stopped loading correctly. It might be that there’s a security filter, though again, it’d be strange as they were working before. But I’ll still look into it!

Figured it out!! It’s a re-direction from my router’s ““security”” filter, I’ll have to look into how to fix it, but now I know what’s causing it. Thank you everyone!


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