My websites got suspended

Hi I had bunch of websites hosted here, I got an email that my host got suspended, I really want my websites back running again I’m ready to even switch to premium if that will bring all my websites back online, please help!


I already opened a support ticket but nobody answered yet, it’s very important! :frowning:

Have you checked whether you exceeded the limits?

Nope. How do I check that?

I’ve got an answer on my support ticket : Hi there,
all your free accounts were automatically suspended by our abuse filter systems, they are linked to illegal phishing and can not be reactivated.

Best Regards

I can’t believe this is true, I’ve never stole a penny from anyone, Can I get a backup of my websites at least? Infinity Free please help !

I can’t open a new support ticket :frowning: I asked my account to be reviewed again but I’m getting ignored :frowning:

I checked your suspended accounts, and I see both tickets have been answered. Do those replies help?


Have you checked the PHP code for code injection?
And to check your accounts stats, go the control panel and find account metric. It will show traffic, cpu limits and how much cpu and bandwidth is used.

And consider looking up your websites with virustotal.

Being suspended for abuse isn’t due reaching limits. :thinking:


Thank you for reaching out guys, we had some complaint by dmca, I shut down the website I’ve got complaint for, it’s all good now Infinity Free helped me out!

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