My websites are not loading

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

my both websites are not working from a week I have changed the name servers too
what to do ?

For both domains, your nameservers settings don’t look entirely accurate.

The domain points to both the nameservers and the nameservers of Because of this, the website won’t work half of the time. Please update your domain’s nameservers to only have the nameservers and no other ones.

The domain doesn’t seem to have any nameservers at all right now. Please check with your domain registrar (Freenom?) to make sure the domain name is active and has the right nameservers. If everything looks OK there, please contact your domain registrar for help, because all the nameservers are missing. If they don’t believe you, just send them this link to prove it:

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now also I have changed the name servers ,now also both websites are not loading
it is showing error

I dont see the server ip

I dont know how you do that but I can not found nameservers from 20 countries

Sorry about that. I only looked at your nameservers, not at the status of the domain on our platform. Because the domain name is not assigned to any hosting account right now.

But since you’ve already configured your nameservers, you can just create a new hosting account with that domain or add it to an existing account as an Addon Domains or Parked Domain through the control panel of that account.


And what about the other domain ?

That domain still doesn’t point to our nameservers. Are you sure you pointed correctly the domain to the nameservers and it’s active on their platform? If so, maybe try to contact Freenom support for help?


Yes I am sure I have pointed the nameservers correctly

I cannot open my wordpress

A DNS lookup shows that the nameservers for are still not set up correctly:

If you set them correctly through the panel of your domain name provider, please ask them for help with this. Because those settings are not being applied to your domain name.

As for, the database servers are still struggling at peak times due to old hardware. iFastNet is still waiting for some components to be delivered before they can upgrade the databases.

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