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I deactivated my account, then changed my mind a few days later. My site is now displaying the above error message. How do I re-connect it to my mysql database correctly?

I am still having issues with this. I can see my main Domain, which is currently being bugged by the message, but I don’t seem to have my domain of - It just says Services for this domain have been disabled. How do i get this one back?

When you deactivate your account, your domain won’t automatically assign to your account, you’ve to add your site domain through cpanel->subdomains,


Also, your account’s Main Domain never serves a website and always redirects to This is not an issue, it doesn’t say anything about your hosting account and it doesn’t affect any of the actual website domains which are assigned to the hosting account.


I have managed to get the subdomain back using BayoDinio’s advice above.
The page now displays an error?

Forgot to mention that you’ve to move content of your website from htdocs to > htdocs


Thanks! The site is back up and running!

Would you happen to know how I can add a password to my site so that only people with permission/the password can view the site and its pages?

can be done through Cpanel->Directory Privacy.


Is it possible to have multiple accounts usernames and passwords?

The control panel doesn’t really let you do it, but it can be worked around.

You can first add your first user. Then, in the protected directory, you’ll find a file with htpasswd in the name. Copy the contents of that file and put them somewhere.

Then, try to add the second user. This will remove the first user. But if you then look for the htpasswd file again, you can add the contents of the previous attempt to the current file (on a separate line).

You’ll now have two users and password for the same website!


Thanks. How long does it keep the user logged in for?

It works based on HTTP Basic Authentication. This system doesn’t really track sessions on the server, the login details are stored in the browser. So the session typically lasts until the browser is closed.

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My site was working fine, then I suddenly get
502 Bad Gateway

Did something on my site break, or is there currently issues?

It’s probably related to the ongoing issues. In the topic about the issue there are quite a few people reporting similar errors.

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