My website wont load please help



My website was fine for a couple of days, and now it doesn’t load. Its says “can no connect to server”.

I’m beginner when it come to web building so i was not able to resolve this issue… Help!

Your domain seems to be Expired, renew it.

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I already checked, it expires next year.

Look there’re no nameservers, it means your domain is Expired, you should contact freenom stuff for that.

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lol freenom has no contact information. Impossible to contact them.

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Well i know.

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Tel. +31 20 531 57 26
Fax +31 20 531 57 21
[email protected]

Renewals can be made via the control panel.

Okay kindly try and please let us know if a real human says back.

They never responded to me when they took my domain down. :confused:

Same, they banned my account

I’ll try then thanks. Took me long to design my web… :confused:

Also, I get the response;

cf.                     4       IN      SOA

This is an authority section, who own the domain, This means your domain ISN’T in the root nameservers, and has been suspended or not renewed.


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