My website won’t load

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:Trying to load the website on safari, chime, Firefox but it never seems to want to load. I have cleared my local cache for all browsers but nothing still. I have checked the nameservers on my domain and they match up perfectly with what is suggested. &

I’m using this software:chrome, safari & firefox

Additional information:It was working ok, but I haven’t visited the site in a few days so I’m not sure if this problem is as recent as today or a few days

The IP you’re on is momentarily DDoSed. You can try moving the account to another IP where the problem is not present. My account is on vol9_6 and has an IP that ends with 113, so I’m secure.

Thanks for the reply. How would I go about moving the account to another IP? Thanks in advance.

Remove the domain from your account, after a bit deactivate the account, then create a new one with the same domain name you’ve chosen during that step, complete the reCAPTCHA and go to the Control Panel clicking then on “I Approve”. Close the Control Panel and refresh the Page of creating account. Then go to your account, reopen the Control Panel and upload the files with the Online File Manager or with FileZilla if you want on the htdocs folder.

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