My Website with https not show the content

Hi, i modified my website with SSL Certificates and i up the content with FileZilia Server, my page not show the content in https but yes in http, on the other side im try modified my file .htaccess for redirect https and cannot modified, because i dont have permission try chmod 777 with file manager monstar and FileZilia i have error of bot way.

My website URL is:

Additional information:
I need change the http to https because, i cant use the api fetch post to send a email to gmail, please helpme.

I checked your website and it’s working fine over HTTPS for me. And if I try to access it without HTTPS, I get redirected to the HTTPS version of your site.

As for the .htaccess rules, are you trying to add them to the .htaccess file in the main directory of your account? The file that starts with the DO NOT MAKE CHANGES TO THIS FILE notice? Ever wondered why that notice was there? And did you read the text below that?

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Admin thanks, i found a solution in the forumm thanks to answer me.

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