My website was very slow when I first opened it

My website is very slow when it is opened for the first time. It will display a white screen for nearly one minute before it starts loading. When it is fully loaded, it only takes a few seconds to refresh and open. How can I find the problem and solve it?

And no matter what device is used to open it, this will happen

My address is

Are you using WordPress? it is very heavy, and thus will take a long time to load, especially if you are using a lot of plugins.


Try using a cron job from VPanel

The first load time is alway greater

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Thats semi-normal for a WP site. Disable as many plugins and themes as possible, and try setting up a cron job in the control panel for 1hr and 5min.


How should I set it? It takes nearly a minute to draw the content for the first time. Before that, users can only see the white screen. Strangely, when a user turns on one device, others will load quickly when other devices turn on

It’s not that strange. One of the reasons is because of WP Cron has already run its tasks on the first load, so it only needs to load the content for others, not run other tasks as well.

What do you mean? I already said that:

You could also try removing some of your unused plugins/themes. A lot of plugins and themes can cause long loading times. Also, you may want to follow @Greenreader9’s advice and set up a cron job for 1hr and 5min.


I saw,
Not very slow but ok
You are using 100+ images in a single post
Also you are making a matured content so, you will be suspended soon

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How so?

I’m not going to take chances on school devices.

It also depends on what you mean by “mature content”. Blood and gore (as far as I know) isn’t necessarily forbidden (I say “isn’t necessarily” because there are likely limits for even that), but anything like obscene imagery is forbidden.

TBH I’m just curious

Check your network, that might be one problem, as someone else stated that it didn’t take too long.

Like everyone said, try removing excess plugins. Also set up chron jobs for every so often so that wp doesn’t have to load things again.

From what other people said, it looks like you have a lot of images loaded onto your website. Maybe try an image hosting service instead, to take some load off of wp. Make sure you also cache those images so wp doesn’t have to load them again, and can instead focus on other things.


No, it’s not as mature as you think. It’s just some animation pictures

I don’t understand what you call mature content. My website doesn’t involve any illegal content

What do those pictures contain?

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I just checked the site myself. Personally, I don’t feel like it violates the TOS.

@Thewebuser22, it’s just Anime.

Why was that the first thought that came into my head when someone said it was “mature”.

Is it close to obscene though?

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Some high-definition animation wallpapers, some funny pictures and some memes. We discussed ACG (animation comic game). I didn’t know that these involved violent, bloody and obscene content, but it didn’t

As long as you are not allowing people to download these files, that is OK. Using your website as a file-sharing platform violates the TOS.

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My website does not share files

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