My website was stopped due to an error 404 from yours hosting servers

Website URl######

Error Message

Other Information

I have installed wordpress again and I cant access the site through , please help , Thank you.

It is working for me.

This probably applies:

Also, for the record, that is not a 404 error.


Thank you for your reply on my post , well I know that DNS takes time to be changed and affect my website status of activity but I have changed my DNS settings from more than 48 hrs now , and before it didn’t take so much time to change my DNS Status , with respect to 404 error , my site was working properly just before showing the death message 404 and I couldn’t restore it back that’s why I have formed a new account on Infinityfree and changed the DNS again to point to the new Domain account , up till now I don’t know whether I can restore back my old site from wordpress or not , I should wait according to your advice , Thank you for your help.

That’s another 72 hours to wait. Happy waiting…

Website working for me



Thank you for your help , I have just checked the website now and it is working but sadly I will be going to build it again as I can’t retrive my previous wordpress site .Thank you again for your help.


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