My website shows numbers, symbols, and question marks, Help?

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This is my Website :

Error Message

There is no Error Message and my code was normal. But it’s show symbols and numbers like this

Other Information

I use Laravel.
when I first upload it, it was fine, but the next day it turned out like this. It’s been over 72 hours.

Make sure to set an appropriate charset. For example:

        <meta charset="utf-8" />
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I think I already set that

The webpage is returning a 500 error, so I would recommend checking your server code.

As for why it returns what it does, I would assume it is like a core dump or some internal error being sent to the webpage, although there are many reasons as to why it gives garbled text.


How do I check the server code?

You write the PHP, right?

Check PHP code for any errors, such as syntax errors and/or wrong uses of the Laravel framework.

You should also try re-installing Laravel if all of your code is fine, it may have gotten corrupted.


Your site is broken
Is it a wordpress site?
If yes, try to reinstall


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