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I am reciving this error on my wp admin and on my site on both http and https i used the domain checker and my domain was fine what should i do i cannot access my wordpress dashboard.

Hi and welcome to the forum! For me your website works fine:

Please note that it might take up to 72 hours for your website to work on your side as well:


The website was working fine for me as well but then it stoped working i used many devices but it still didnot work. But know i see that it is working on your end but why is my wordpress admin page not working

Just to be clear: are you saying your website is working but your admin page is not? Or is your entire website unreachable for you, not just the admin?

Your account is fairly new, and so is the subdomain, and the issue you’re seeing is DNS related. The website working at first and then not working anymore is unusual, but DNS caching issues can be weird. So if it’s not working for you yet, please just have patience for another day, or try one of the workarounds listed in the article @JxstErg1 shared.


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