My website Reutrning a 502: Badgateway Error

My website is returning a 502: Badgateway error.

( I first thought it was a DDoS attack, but if I’m looking at the logs; no bots are trying to acces the site. Only me, with discord their servers. I cannot figure out on how to solve this, any ideas?

Actually I think its a ddos attack.I heard that outages happened because of ddos attack

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There are no bot IPs trying to acces it. Only me. It isn’t a DDoS attack. Otherwise I would’ve know.

Its A OUTAGE. This means their server fail. I didnt said that they have ddosed your site only

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Hmm, could be. Kind of annoying though, now my uploading site is offline. I got no backups. :confused:

Its sad because coruption happened on databases :frowning:

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Same shit here! What the hell, these are my portfolio sites. It’s time to move elsewhere!

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Well, it’s a free-hosting. Downtimes do happen, so you can’t really blame them! (:

Hi I also have this issue (502 Bad Gateway), how can I report this or should I wait?

Wait. iFastNet will fix everything :smiley:


Hi there! I got the same issue some hours ago and I was thinking maybe it was an website error because some days ago I had some big troubbles but I see a lot of people with error 502 and I have the same problem :{ (I don’t gonna swear/blame anyone because i’m so proud of this service)

There was ddos attacks as I know. I wish the best for every site :face_with_head_bandage:


Anyways it doesn’t affect to all the websites, because I have another website hosted here and it works so good :3

Well It did affected every site as I see. Depends what server were in outage :thinking:

Does not affect me. My sites are working fine and not the slightest bit slow.

Yes because most of sites are back up again

my site just got sniped rip

The one that worked all through this outage was dead for me from the get-go, 2nd one is about to share a similar fate :worried:

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True that! lol You’re absolutely right, but I have lost an entire web site in the past with this place so the slightest thing is a little upsetting.

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Yes, most of time sites should be working again.

Thanks @DavidLinux for your help!