My website redirects to suspended domain but why?

Username epiz_26436906

when i opened my website it got redirected to suspendeddomain. so i logged in to my infinityfree account what i saw was confusing for me, yeah it shows my account is active and moreover my inode limits are on safe limit. and i didn’t cross any limits… can someone explain me why i’m facing this issue?

FIX: my site is live again. for users who are facing same issue… just be patient it will come again. don’t change or do anything.

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Someone else also have same issue, might be a temp issue.


are you sure it will be fixed?

because website need to be on live now.

Hey, i am having the same issue but since alot of users are facing the same, this is a infinityfree problem
We just need to wait

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yeah i hope so… but need to be fixed soon :slightly_smiling_face:

MIne is up again, just be patient :slight_smile:


oh okay thanks for the heads up…

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may be this caused it

if it’s so big project that it’s required to run always , i prefer to buy a hosting plan. That’s bit stingy to host server on domain for free and then moan about some small problems about it :D.

Hi. My domain is off too. Account is active and working… but pages redirect to suspended… How much
time will they be on again?

Yes I’m also facing this problem

wait for sometime it will be fixed automatically… now my site is live @_aw_techy

wait for 5 - 10mins it will be fixed automatically… now my site is live

Hey there,

This is a temporary issue that ifastnet has. They are aware of this and they already try to fix this. Your sites will be live again soon.


yeah my site is already up and i clicked it’s solved… @DimitrisT


Thank you. Now mine is active!!


oh i don’t know this :confused:

The issue has been solved and my website running nicely

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