My website redirects me somewhere even after 72+ hours

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: When I am attempting to open the website, it still redirects me somewhere.

I’m using this software: Chrome 80 on Windows 8.1

Additional information: I waited up to 72 hours for DNS propagation to finished on InfinityFree side and I clear the DNS cache on my side.

Have you tried again? Plus don’t forget browser cache.

I checked your website and it seems to be working fine from here. It seems to be a Bootstrap demo, is that what you uploaded?

It could be that you’re still suffering from DNS cache. The 72 hour statement is not a hard rule. Well behaved networks should show your site within 24 hours. Unfortunately, many networks are not well behaved, but 72 hours should be large enough as a margin. But I’ve also been told it can take weeks for some unlucky few.

But it could also be something else. To help narrow that down, can you tell a bit more about what you’re being redirected to?

You could also try to connect through a VPN and see if that helps. If there is any misconfiguration or block on your connection, a VPN should help circumvent that.


Sorry, my website is work in progress and I will edit the HTML pages later.

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