My website redirects another website wrongly

Hi. I use infinity free hosting service for a few months. Suddenly my website started to redirect another website. When i enter the link browser shows different spam website. I deleted all of the files on the host via filezilla and re-uploaded them. Maybe my website hacked . What can i do I dont know.

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Can you include a screenshot of what your page shows?

However, I think this is the current outage. Information here:


Before it shows lorem ipsum page but since i re-upload the website files via ftp this page occured. Screenshot is like above.

what you see otherwise appears if you deleted the directory where that domain is located

check with FTP if you have a directory called
and inside the htdocs folder

or you deleted the initial htdocs folder


Domain is located on servers but i redirected the domain to infinityfree name servers which are , When i enter the website directory on ftp via filezilla. I see htdocs folder and website folders and files in it.


The files of your website are indeed in the htdocs folder. But if you check the Domains list in the client area, you’ll see that your domain is actually linked to the folder Seeing how that folder is missing, you see a 404 error.

To fix this, the easiest way is to create a folder with the name in your account, and then move the htdocs folder from the root folder of your account into the folder.


Thank you very much. I created folder and put the htdocs folder in it . It works like a charm now.

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