My website redirected to "suspended" from registered domain

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
The web site is working fine with the assigned web site URL
I use my registered domain cylentsecurity dot com with CNAME records to redirect to When going cylentsecurity dot com URL, the site redirects and goes to “suspendeddomain”
I waited 3 days if it is a DNS cache issue or something.
I tried A record with the IP but got the same results.

Can you tell me your side why redirect to my web site URL goes suspended?

I’m using this software:
I’m using chrome browser from various laptops, tried to clear cache…didnt help.

Additional information:

Have you added your domain to your account?

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No, I didnt.
Must I add it as parked domain for redirect to work?


got it, will do that.
I assume because it is shared hosting…thanks.

my domain DNS pointing to
this was the case also before the above.
when trying to add parked domain of I get this strange message
“This appears to be a subdomain you are adding (1008485)”

Can you tell?

That happens to everyone who wants to park their domain:

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Any planned resolution?
What can I do meantime? I think I cannot even use cloudflare without parked domain…so there’s a close loop here if it doesnt work…

I visited your site or it is working properly

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