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Username: # epiz_24485677

(Hi my website is a blog website which is now online like 2years but this days when i want to update it and post some blogs its can take me to my website it will take me to the page call (Freenome.Link ) and inside that page it will list a pages like

  1. Free personal Management sofware
  2. Free CMS
    3.Malware Protection For Andriord.

The page that my website take me have a list in this page with the poit of direction to click instate of my website .

i need help to get back my website please.

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Check with Freenom. They have likely taken your domain, or it has expired.



what is your domain (address) ? does not exist

did you mean (it uses bodis - parking service - I don’t think it has anything to do with


I when there and see that they has taken it i think it was expire and i did not relised it until the dateline and they remove it.

If i take it back like i rigester it again the Domain name will i have my website back or not

Yes! You would only have to set your nameservers again (to and


okay right now i already on the process to register it, with the same name, mean when i set my Name server it will bring back my website right ?

Thank You support team i got my website back and its in live now.


Enjoy your website!


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